A list of useful tool for constructing, building, studying or programming robots.

Simulation, Construction, Learning

  • Sodaplay - Simulation of physical engineering.
  • GenePool - Artificial Life simulation
  • Phun - Physics Engine based constructor. Tool to build, play and learn.
  • Webots - A complete simulation suite of cosumer und football robot, including AIBO and others. Extended, but we won't recommend that way of working. Better start out building your own bot following the BEAM-approach or use URBI.
  • Isotope2 and Isotope3 - A small flash-toy on rotating objects
  • FantasticContraption - A puzzle-game with a physics game engine, that supports constructing skills
  • LightBot - A neat flashgame, where you have to program a little robot. Read more at the Eggshell-Blog


  • URBI - Universal Realtime Behavior Interface
  • Robolab - from Lego for constructing Lego-robots
  • LABview - a data-flow suite
  • FreeDroidz - Java-framework enabling you to easily program your Lego-Mindstorm robot
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio - Developmentsuite for building and developing robots.
  • Picaxe Microcontroller and Basic- or Dataflow Proramming environment. Also note the Picaxe-Forum
  • Nodal Generative music software - For learning advances generative music-concepts. Sends out MIDI-Data, maybe future releases will be more flexible. Currently available for OS X only.
  • Robodance - Multi-purpose kit for programming and controlling consumer robots

Sensory, Analysis

  • Bildanalyse - List of Software that does kinds of picture- and videoanalysis.

Circuits, Hardware

  • gEDA - suite and toolkit of Electronic Design Automation tools