Homebrew Robotics

Homebrew Robotics is a new term, that wasn't defined yet. It is somehow derived from "Homebrew", that you will find on gaming consoles and that means self-written software and games for gaming consoles. Homebrew Robotics now defines equal for Robotics. It is the do-it-yourself zone for making robots. It is to expect, that in the next few years building robots will be democratized, like Netmusic did for music and Independent Gaming did for making games.

The first viable signs for the rise of the homebrew-era of robotics is the NXTbot and the Bristlebot.

A first approach of doing homebrew robotics, is to tear apart toys that you can get cheap motors, controls and actuators. Most of the cheap toys got reusable parts inside, that you can re-configure and build your own robots, i.e. using the B.E.A.M approach. From my own experience I can tell you, that tearing apart brand-new working toys at first need some effort. Sigificant first related research in this research project.

Found this quote on Robot Dreams:

"Hobbyists started the PC era, hobbyists with dial-up modems created BBS systems and started the internet era, and now robot hobbyists are creating the robotics era." Sinclair Donald, Senior Robotics Engineer