Short Movie: Artificial Life - Cells breaking out

This short movie by Raoshey is really demoscene style, entitled "Artificial Life". The ambient soundtrack brings back the goodness of old and early Autechre albums, that we still love so much this days!

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Modular Robots: What are they doing?

I don't want to get into this "Oh wow, is this a science fiction!"-thing, like many bloggers do on the web regarding this video. I was asking myself... What the hell are the robots doing? Not in self-reassembling mode, but before they get kicked? Is it some kind of love-dance? Or just some simple routines to keep the balance? Maybe kinetic robot-poetry?


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Small Interview Footage on the Hexapod Robot

That's not really new, but sometimes I like to see footage of the people behind the projects. It's about the iC Hexapod Robot from Micromagic Systems. Most remarkably. The Hexapod got a personality of its own. You can also just go over to the picture gallery of the snapshots, the iC Hexapod did.

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Segway's New Robotic Mobility Platform RMP

Picture (cc)

British company Segway released pictures and a video of their new transportation system. It utilizes new wheels, that are able to move immediately in every direction. It seems, that Segway really got that big picture in mind of re-inventing urban transportation systems.

A look at their robotic mobility platform webpage underlines this guess.


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Robot plays Towers of Hanoi: Ultrafast!

Look this robot playing an game on the touch-surface of Apples iPhone. Not a really thrilling experience for human, since Towers of Hanoi is not the most exiting game, at least in my opinion. But for the robot solving of this mainly algorithmic task must be pure fun.


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Micromagic Hexapod has Learned to Draw

The Hexapod V5 from Micromagic slowly grew into my heart. It got an update and with it the ability to draw and even write. He made the shift from being a simple exhibit to becoming a mate.

More Hexapod V5 on Eggshell Robotics here and here.

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Sad, Sad Robot: MIT's builds Nexi

MIT Media Lab is coming again. This time they started to build a new robotic platform, called MDS. It stands for "Mobile, Dexterous and Social". The new Robot they built has the name Nexi. His biggest power is the expression of emotion with his funny plasticface. He got two arms and foot that look a little bit like a Segway.

People at MIT can imagine that the Nexi will be next flagship-project at social robotics to care for the elderly. Maybe Nexi will participate at the Socially Situated Robot Learning project, that is suited for human-robot interaction learning. A very topic of our time. What at least qualifies him is, that he is good at looking sad and wise. And maybe that's the most important skill for being a good robot.


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