Robovox - Large Scale Robots touring in Europe

Robovox is a large, eight meter high public sound- and robotinstallation. You can send text-messages to the two large robots. They will read, or better speak, your text messages. Just to remember: 8 meter high robots! This is really impressing.

The robots are on tour all mostly within European metropolitan area,making station at Rotterdam, Berlin, Helsinki, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Ljubljana.

Listen to the robotvoice!

Martin B. Bricelj want to "give people a voice, that usually gets lost in the sounds of the mass". The places Bricelj choose have also "social or even political connotation" in his words.

The SMS send to the robots are processed and than spoken out loud by the robots. It is a public monument, but also sound design for public squares. The robot voice is at the same time beeing streamed into the internet. You can head over to the website and plug into the soundstream of the actual robots, or just click play in the black box above. The soundtrack is also available, as well as a book and DVD with essays, documentation and research work.

Robovox was initiated by media artist Martin B. Bricelj. The use of SMS to interact with gigantic objects reminds me on the legendary public art installation of Blinkenlights from the German Chaos Computer Club some years ago. While Blinkenlights was more some "proof-of-concept", aimed at lange scale pleasure (at least in my eyes), the Robovox has another connotation - of course, not only by the picture of robots, that marks a new era about to come.

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Paintball Robots makes / interprets art

Here we have an impressive demonstration of what robotic-based art can be. A robot throws paintballs on a canvas. The demonstration includes a "Hello World" with a smiling-face. The next demonstration is somewhat the "Advanced Hello World 2.0". The robot throws the Mona Lisa on the canvas with the blink of an eye. Don't stand in the line... Mona Lisa looks funny and really let me think on pixels...

Update: The painting only should have taken 80 milliseconds.


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Utada Hikaru - Can you keep the Secret

(Hint: Watch till end)

Well, compared to this robotic vision from Germany Japan is not only one step ahead, if it comes to cultural integration of robots. Here robots almost play no role at all.

Compared to that, the culture in Japan is full of humanoids, fighting robots, cute robots, care robots, everyday practical robots and so on - and not only as real robots, but also in movies, games, animes and many other cultural products as well.

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Nagasaki man build an autonomous digg-robot

First: this is not a real documentation, but a "fake news" video. The story is about a man, who build a robot that automatically diggs stories on the internet, using a camera to detect things on the screen, and a keyboard to digg them. The robot keeps on doing the work, while the man is not at home (similar to the Ready Bot).

The whole thing is fictional, but at least it shows an interesting vision of robotic-internet interaction and of living with robots. It's got a somehow decent style. Let's digg it!


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Kiva Systems Robots: Ballet Dance of the Nutcracker

Kiva Systems is building robots for warehouses, that have one the mission to fulfill. Support people at the last mile between virtual ordering of goods, for example via the internet, and the deliveryman.

The robots are connected by a wireless network and receive ordering information. Then they collect all necessary wares to bring them to the desired station. In other words: they are smart. Busy bees and friendly co-workers.

The people at Kiva let them perform a dance. How do you call this? Ballet? Well, I would love to see this creatures perform like this, when they got nothing on their mind. Not long ago you called this standby. Also read this article on Eggshell to get the basic idea of what I mean.


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Atmospheric Robotplanet: Tension by Aenima

Shortfilm producers and the demoscene are always good for getting impulses on how robots could look and act like. They are somehow like the elongated arm of science fiction writers. We also find much robotic stuff in productions made for children.. in us, like rocking cartoons or tv-series. Maybe we should also name music videos.

The following piece is a athmospheric work from the demogroup Aenima. They works cross the border to shortfilms and have a decent quality. This movie Tension evokes a vision of strange and strong robot-characters and I especially like the robot-guy without any real face. Really, really strong type. But beware... the video contains much more scenes without robots, than actually with them. At least this does not narrow the experience.

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Yellow Drum Machine: Wall-E like music bot plays everything!

I found a very cute robot, that looks and behaves a little bit like WALL-E, but is a complete homebrewed thing. This crazy little buddy moves around and tries to "play" every little thing that comes in his way. Maybe an early sign of new breed of music bots we are wishing for. They do not only play patterns, they keep an eye and have well... character!

Update: Frits Lyneborg did even a new and improved version of this bot. Even with the ability to play and jam along with its creator!


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