Peugeot Commercial with Robots in the City

This is a cool, full length commercial from Peugeot, combining a somehow human-less, but atmospheric city scape, with some really weird robots. I think we all can agree on, that the most boring thin in this video is the car.


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Butterfly Robots from Japan

The DelFly micro robots are something we missed to report about. The animal-like creatures weight just about 3 grams and fly like butterflies through the air. Incredible small and versatile creatures, that are also equipped with a camera, supporting live-video transmission. Yes, live-video transmission at this scale - it sounds unbelievable, but it is true! This kind of robots are called Ornithopter, because it is a winged system, that can fly in the air.

Researcher from Japan now worked on this technology and developed even a smaller and lighter model, with a weight of 0.39 grams! The video here shows next important enhancement, because they figured out the perfect motion for the robot to move forward in the air. If you think of cutting edge robotic design, than start here!


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Mari Kimura: Violin vs. spooky robot Guitar

This could go on forever. String-artist Mari Kimura set up a system, some kind of Guitar Bot, that produces very odd sounds. The bot is triggered by the Violin play of Mari Kimura, while the sound is produced by guitar-like mechanics. Computer algorithms react to the sounds of the environment and by exact rules. The pitch of the four string-robots are shifted accordingly, but separate from each other, varied by moving bars. This sounds very like bending a string instrument, while it is playing. The bot is keeping its tones and motions - unique and shivering. While she is playing with the violin.

About the technical setup I quote Mari via Create Digital Music:

Behind the white box, there is a Mac and an audio interface. I am running a software MaxMSP, which is LISTENING to the pitch. loudness and the timing of the violin. The ‘patch’ I created in Max contains certain interactive instructions such as "listen to the E (highest open string on the violin)". For example in the beginning, if you listen carefully you notice when I play above E, it stops. Interactions change in predetermined time frames.


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WAR: Weapons against Robots

We are still at the beginning of an uprising robot culture, but there are already people who declare a "War against Robots". Ok. That's not really true. To be more precise: To defend against robots, just in the case of...

A man called Ben Way founded a security company to defend against hostile robots. The UK-based company "Weapons against Robots" has two concepts of defending. That is "Autonomous-Against-Autonomous (AAA)" and "Biological-Against-Autonomous (BAA)" They say, that they already research into the direction of a "Microwave-Bomb" with the ability erases electronic circuits. Let's hope that we will never face a future like this. But don't you also think, that the guys are really early on the market?


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Bicycle, Unicycle and Portrait-making Robot

Did you already met this robots? A new breed of small scale robots is coming upon us. We have to get serious about living with robots real soon...

A Japanese manufacturer with the name Murata build this robots, that can ride bicycle, as well as unicycle. Official site here, additional information at Pink Tentacle.

When we already are on the topic about tiny humanoids, that do things normally humans do, than also notice this wonderful art-bot. The "Portraitist" Salvador DaBot is a robot with face recognition and the ability to draw faces as portrait with a pencil on paper. It was made by the Swiss robot artist and researcher Silvain Calignon. This here is the 2.0 version of the robot, and besides nice chat abilities it got a mustache an beret update. Meanwhile the "Portraitist" Salvador DaBot got a nice collection of works!

Portraitist via Botjunkie

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Spykee: Toy-Robot, that spies and skypes

Invade and observe

Toy-Robots are beginning to get serious. The Spykee is a WiFi-enabled robot, that you can control via remote. It has a build in camera. You can "see with the robot-eyes" and "head with the robot-ears", while you control that boy. You can also videophone with the robot, because it has got a full-grown interface to the Skype VOIP-Protocol. In other words: this robot is also a remote controlled videophone. The sugar on top is, that you can use Spykee also as a music device, because he should be able to play music from your computer via WiFi.

See some hands-on at this blog. The inofficial website is located at, whey they collect wisdom and also some homebrew-stuff. You can find a chess-playing Spykee there at the moment. The official Spykee-Website is a little bit like, well, like those flashy-toy websites. A review with a full feature list is available at RobotsRule. Unfortunatelly that robot is not cheap. It should cost about 200 Pounds, so expect the price to be about 250 Euro.


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Trauma Research with a Spiders-Robot and Bumble-Bees

Are you ready for some of the most unusual research? British scientists set up a spider-robot, that only exercise is to shock and traumatize bees. The researches had explored the effect, that traumatic experiences have on bumble bees.

Shock-Robot "Spider in Disguise"

The "spider in disguise" machine, that you can see on the picture, was used to attract bumble bees (smells good, looks flowery). When the came too near to the machine, the two robotic-arms hit together and gave the bee some really shocking event and set them in panic. After some pretty good shocks the bumble bees began to avoid the spider-machine.

The researchers were more interested in the after-effects of the shock-therapy. They came up with the result, that traumatized bees were changing their collection habits. The were generally slower that their colleges without the stress exposed to. The bees were acting nervous and distracted and learned, that some robot-spiders in disguise could lurk anywhere...

Please don't build such machines!! I guess this thing was only made once for research purposes. Read the whole story at Science News.


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