Comic: If I was a robot

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New Rescue Robot with a special "step"design

This rescue robot has an really interesting design. It is meant to rescue people out of debris. His design can make him lift heavy things, but the speciality lies in his special form. The robot got "steps" at the front. Step-by-step movement and the lifting-platform let the robot easily navigate in the area of operation.


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Bodily Human Robot Interaction

A cool idea of interaction with robots had researchers from the Brown University Robotics Group. They figured out some gestures - also with the whole body - to send commands to the robot. The signs are interpreted by a camera and gesture-recognition. A fist toggles the robot to "wait here". Another command means "go on and wait for me". The scenario on the video looks a little bit clumsy, but the future is at hand. Robots can become mates, able to "intuitively" follow us. "Mission Impossible" can come.

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Kacey Wong: Homeless Urban Shelter Robot

Robots as urban artifacts - a topic, that was made popular in culture by Futurama-robot Bender. And it is an important topic in some practical manner and art as well. This artist Kacey Wong says, that he constantly got his inspiration from the mysterious and surrealistic city of Hong Kong, where he lives. Most of his works are in an architectonical or urban context and have "shelters" as topic. Once decided to build a robot-shelter.

It is a "classic tin-robot" made of wood, that you can unfold into an urban bed or small place, to make the inhabitation of the street a lot more convenient. On other words: a robot, that hides a small resting-place for humans inside. As I once said: tin-robots are incredibly good in storing things inside their bodies.


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Current research into robotic development

Well, well, well. Robots are evolving. Who had known.. Yes, but it is so. To give you an small insight into recent developments, you definitely check out this pictures on

Also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be upfront, evidence by posing with robot. I also want to highlight the underwater RoboLobster, the Wakamaru humanoids, as well as the hobby inventor Wu Yulu robot. And, nah... I still dislike the medical and operation simulation robots.


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Old Glory Robot Insurance

If robots are taking over, there are new things to consider. Insurance, for example. Watch this visionary satire of a TV-commercial on the "Old Glory Robot Insurance". It is from 1995 and made for Saturday Night Live.

"What about robots?" - "Oh, they are everywhere."


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Revolution in organic robotics from Tokyo

Well, this project indeed makes a difference. A totally new approach in doing robotics is being worked at the University of Tokyo, just right at the moment. Not only the shapes of the robots, but also the behaviour and the screaming colors are derived from primitive organic monsters, that live under the sea. They look like toys, but if you inspect the pictures carefully, you see how big they really are! For me, this project is nothing less, than the begin of a new era in robotics. Well done Mr. Yoichiro Kawaguchi!

Pink Tentacle writes.

Kawaguchi and his team are developing a basic reflex system for the primitive artificial life forms, as well as a visual processing system equipped with eyes that recognize and instinctively track certain objects. (...) With a more thorough understanding of how primitive life forms survive, the researchers believe they can provide robots with a better ability to move, hunt, sense danger, and escape. (...) If all goes according to schedule, they will have a fully functional robot in two years.

There are more pictures available on Pink Tentacle and Robot Watch.


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