The Climber: Homebrewed Stair-loving Robot from Duisburg

Poor bot fails and need some help

Now this works even with the first step

On a very unique design wirls LMB-user Arek ArunioSmo. Neat I just see, that he comes form Duisburg, not that far away. No wonder, that this type of stair-style just released some enjoyable childhood memories.

"ArunioSmo" uses a very unique design with a wooden arc for The Climber. It uses its wheels to get grip and climb the stairs. The "organic" feel of the robots gives a worm feeling like a living creature. Very well done! If you are reading this Arek, feel free to throw in a comment!

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Giant Plush Robot

Oh, and while we're already on the topic of giant robot, check out this picture of a somehow giant plush one. (via soup of doktorsblog)

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Gundam RX-78: Giant Robot in the City of Tokyo - Odaiba

Odaiba is some sort of shopping, tourist and leisure part of Tokyo and soon waiting with another attraction for the world-visitors. Right at the moment they build a 18 meter high "Gundam RX-78" robot, with a weight of 35 tons, in order to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the robot-anime TV-series.

Wikipedia hold some information about the series, and there is always a lot of things to learn. The Gundam for example are Real Robots, in opposition to Super Robots. This means, that they are close to reality, and for example need maintenance on a regular basis and do not have unrealistic super-weapons. Leaving us with this question behind: What will happen to the giant Gundam robot in Tokyo in the near future? Will it get really to life on some day?


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Robot Boozarama by HERO-1

Today I found interesting footage on YouTube by an artist called Wendy Dunham. This video here features "HERO the Robot", built in 1983 by Wendy herself, the YouTube liner-notes say. The really best thing in the video is the following statement from the robot:

"Brain the size of a planet and they ask me to mix drinks."

So let there be booze! More stuff from Wendy I selected at Digital Tools.

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Fukitorimushi: Wipe-up worm floor clean robot

Yeah. Today I came across this fine robotic design from Japan. This floor-cleaning robot moves like a worm over the floor and wipes it up. It is so the somehow more decent version opposed to the Roomba. With a pair of Fukitorimushi and Roomba you can now wipe-up floors and vacuum clean carpets!

Fukitorimushi was shown at the Tokyofiber exhibition in Milano. The floor-cleaner uses a special microfiber to wipe and a special "sensors" of blue-white light to search for dirt! Say hello to a new era of home-robotics!


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Robotic Taxi Concept from Petr Kubik

Designer Petr Kubik imagines a robotic taxi concept. The driverless mini-vehicles can transport one or two people. The taxi is driven by electrical motors, that are just right beside the wheels, making the cars also eco-friendly. See more here.


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Snoozy Sloth: Robot-Toy Interaction!

This is a sweet one. Did you ever seen a sloth (Faultier) at the zoo? They are the far most lazy creatures in this universe, moving at very slow rate, having a day full of almost doing nothing and literally "hanging around".

How do you compile this into a robotic toy? Justin Blinder shows us how. This robotic-sloth really clings onto a user, feeling the warmth, and starts sleeping (including simulation of the breath). A heart opening toy, isn't it?

More technical details:


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