Keepon: Friend or Foe?

Daniel Wilson, the author "How to Survive a Robot Uprising" states a very important message: Robots are our friends. He made three videos that are around the internet that we love to point you and share.

Daniel Wilson and finished his Ph.D. in Robots at the Carnegie Mellon University and recently finished his second book: "How to Build a Robot Army".


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Japaneese Exoskeleton HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)

An exoskeleton is an "assist-robot", something like an additional skeleton that is not inside, but outside of the human body. With that skeleton you are able for example to weight lifts, that are much heavier, than you could usually lift. Though this robot-suit is also often discussed as a helper or disables people or people who have less strength after weeks in bed or so.

The command signals from the brain are transmitted to the muscles through the motor neurons, and we can detect such faint bio-electrical signals on the surface of the skin, and these signals are calibrated into the computer here, and after that this computer controls these power units so he can move or upgrade his power.


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Fire Department Robot

Japaneese people are often one step ahead when it comes to robotics and the public space. This is a fire-department robot from Tokyo, that is there to rescue people out of emergency situations.

Would you trust this robot?


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Rosie: The Female Housebot from the Jetsons

Yesterday I told that 99% of all tin-robots are male. After heavy thinking I remembered a female tin-bot. I want to present here to you. It is the Robot "Rosie", that keeps house-holding at the home of the Jetsons and everything that is related to "modern housework" from the ultra-harmonic utopian 60ies: keeping the kids, help schoolwork, help learn driving the car and that sort of things.

Tin-robots seem to be good in hiding things inside their bodies.

At least we all should know, that the distinction between male and female robots is just a fantasy of us humans.


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Living with Robots: Honda Asimo

Forget all this cleanroom robotic visions. This is what living with robots really look like. This is the kickoff of the series "Living with Robots".


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Documentation on Roboethics: Ciao Robot

This is the trailer of the documentation Ciao Robot. It's a quick roundup of the current state - in terms of theory - of the relationship of robots and men. They try to state the current state of robot vs. men and the birth of "Roboethics". It's about robot constructors, writers and thinkers all over the globe. And it is very 2007.

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Korean Charter for Robotics?

The Koreans seems to work on a Charter for Robots, that somehow remind me on the Robots Rules form Isaac Asimov. According to the Telegraph, the Korean ministry of of commerce, industry and energy said in a statement: "The government plans to set ethical guidelines concerning the roles and functions of robots. The move anticipates the day when robots, particularly intelligent service robots, could become a part of daily life."


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