Perpetual Drawing Apparatus

Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus teamed up in 2009 to build a "perpetual drawing machine". This plotter has access to 7.5 million "patent drawings", that are connected by semantic relationships. Each drawing is triggered by a keyword of one of the recent bestselling books. This work has a subtext: it tells, that patents "reflect the mindset of society in a certain time". Maybe it's just simply cool to have a "wild association machine".


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DFKI presents Robot AILA at Hannover Messe 2010

This video of the Robot AILA makes me somehow speechless. The demonstration of this robot is flanked by a visionary speech or script, telling about intelligent robots, that enable assisting to human, especially with autonomous object-recognition etc, etc. Well if I look at this, than it's a pleasure for me to cite my collegue from Doktorsblog: "Oh Jesus, she can hold it!"

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The Robot Pirates

Uh, it seems, that there is a new kind-of robots approaching: the robot pirates, like pirate-duties, but dislike computerhackers... Checkout this neat pop-song. =)


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Humanoid with Spine and "Muscles"

Robotic research from Japan. They chose a new approach for building a humanoid. The structure is not based by a frame and motors, but closer to the human body - with a spine and muscle to mode and give stability. It looks, like this robot still needs further research and enhancement. It doesn't look too happy to walk at the moment. The robot can be controller with a simple PlayStation2 controller.


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Kitten got an expression-update

At riot's-soup I found this picture. Well, yes, you say. Alright, this is not the most animal-friendly way to treating kittens, but in a robotic context, it absolutely makes sense! Give your robot an expression-update, just by two bold strokes. Awesome!

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26C3: What living with robots really will be like

CCC-Congress "26C3" in Berlin had an interesting session about the future of machines by BitBang. I can highly recommend to flip the pages of the slides, to get an impression of this vision. I am sure, that the stream session will be published soon.

Download the slides as .pdf. (18MB)

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Sony Music Robot

This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2007.

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