Micromagic Systems is back with Enhancements on his Hexapod V5

This is going to be a true all-terrain wanderer...

Matt Denton solely keeps on working on his Hexapod Robots. Today he presents an update on his terrain-detection algorithm. This enhancement changes the way it walks based on different parameters like the ground it walks on. It's got its information beside others about foot-sensors. So, what is so special about it? If you watch the video, than it just looks like a hexapod-bot walking around, nice. But have you ever seen a bot try to walk, but not coming any centimeter near its goal, just making moves? Well, there you got the added value from clever algorithms, or just like I would like to call it: clever combination of soft- and hardware.

The robots form Micromagic Systems are technical and massive bots, technical but lively at the same time. Very unique and solid work. I like the way they do their research. Keep up!

Tags: walk, hexapod, homebrew, indie-labs, micromagics, giving-birth, micromagic
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Hello Eggshell. Really a nice robot!

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