Death Match at RoboGames - Killer Fighting Bots

Sometimes unbelievable what you can find in the USA. There is a death-match league at the RoboGames in San Francisco where killer-bots fight each other to death. According to SuicideBots this robots a big and heavy and weight as much as steel and the are very loud. And a pure bunch of fun. You can guess it all from watching the video.

Megabyte vs. Brutality

Is this science fiction? Is this feeling like a computing game in real or what? Let's hope that such robots stay in their arena. You don't want to meet such an killer bot at night... or even on daytime...


Tags: death-match, sport, robogames
Mar_19:2008 .020200 Comments(1)

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Benoit Espinola

I used to watch this on television when I was a little kid... There is a robotic cup in Europe too: ... Each year, we have a different challenge... Last time I followed it, robots had to play Otelo...

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