Symbrion: EU funds new Project on Swarm Robotics

Symbrion is the name of a new project funded the the European Union. This project has the goal to build a kind of artificial life consisting of super-large-scale swarms of robots, each not much bigger than a sugarcube. They can stick together and can interact this way in a modular session. The researchers expect new ways of behavior on the global swarm level. The single units are able to stick together and to share power and mobility among themselves. The swarm should be able to solve problems that sticky style a single unit never could do. For example like moving huge objects, passing obstacles or examine the surroundings. Think of ants. They do the same as a networked system.

On a visionary level some of the researchers think of a kind of global immune system, build upon small robot units that solve tasks independently and unique. Systems that are free of repair with collaborative power for tasks, humans are not able to solve. For instance to go out after an earthquake to search and rescue humans.

Collaborating bots build a structure

With the Symbrion project the European Research continues its way of systematically investing into swarm-robotics, like they did with the swarm-robot project. This project involves international research labs from all over the world and if successful we leading knowledge on the nature of networked swarm-robotics can be expected. Have an overview of the goals.


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