The Big Dog from Boston Dynamics

The future of robots will be somewhere decided between the Carnegie Mellon University and Boston Dynamics. Last time the robot-builders from Pittsburgh showed us how to build incredible snaky robots for indoor and outdoor use. The engineers at Boston Dynamics continue with their developments on the *dog-series.

A video appeared on YouTube, that shows the "BigDog". A donkey-like creature that moves extremely like an real animal: just have a look to see what I mean.

Driven by a very loud gas engine for outside use, the donkey feels lively playing in the snow. Skip the first few minutes, because the first highlight is when the robot slips on ice. Just keep on to believe how human it looks! Next highlights are the Big Dog climbing a pile of rocks. Very interesting! The BigDog got four legs and the engineers maybe thought: why not teach the robot to jump? And so they did. At very first levels he can jump over obstacles!

On the science-fiction movies big robots were always slow and clumsy, just think of the AT-AT walkers on Star Wars. Can you imagine, that the future will more look like this?


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