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Picture: Twin-Engine Solar Roller

The finding of the week is the BEAM-Wiki, a project from Hamburg led by Marcus Nowotny. His goal is to build a specialized and well documented resource for BEAM-Bots with instructions, tutorials and inspiration. One initial reason for doing so is, that there are already good resources on the internet like solarbotics. But most of this resources are obviously out-of-date when it some to web-standards. He also reports that this sites mostly are not really maintained and that answers don't come at hand.

The BEAM-Wiki can be the solution to this. We will definitely support the idea and joined the community. Please check out the blog for the latest ramblings and inspiration for some bots.


Tags: beam, play, tutorial, homebrew, lo-tech, germany
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Thanks for your support. Unfortunately the wiki will be down for two weeks (an update went really wrong - and I currently do not have a broadband connection to fix it). But it will be back soon!


The BEAM wiki is back in business!

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