Beam-Robot Works from Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser has a website where he exhibits his BEAM-bots. His approach is "Simple, biologically-inspired robots", as you may notice, very at the roots of what BEAMs are about. Simons works play at a level of beautiful simplicity and clean aesthetics. The works on the website are all made in 2007.

The picture shows one of his works, the FLED-Photopopper. We writes about his creature:

The results are quite pleasing, and this is quite an active little guy. He’s the first to start popping when the sun hits my robot collection. The only problem is that he’s liable to fall onto his arse.

I would like to see more people, who not only develop robots from a data-scheme, but also play with form and parameter, to inflate them, give them life, creativity, personality and love.

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