Absolut Robots - Exploration of Artificial Creativity

Be prepared for the biggest networked robot installation that has been so far. Absolut, that one of your favorite drinks, enabled a huge project: the Absolut Machines. The project features two robot-halls: one in New York City, the other in Stockholm. Everyone can log in and play live with the robots. They are music creatures.

The results are filmed and streamed live into the internet, so not only you can see the action, but also other the people in the world logged in. By playing short music-sequences robot is animated to interpret the entered data and it plays additional sequences to it. An exploration of artificial creativity. The sound generation is not only a software thing. The sequences are triggered by real physical instruments, for example by ping-pong balls that fly across the air and hit brandy glasses. And everybody can watch it. That's what I call maximalism! Sometimes you can spot some people in the robot-hall maintaining the system or just hanging around.

The project was made by two former MIT-lab members, namely Dan Paluska and Jeff Liberman. Please note that beautiful DOS-styled operating system. If this isn't a hint, than what else?


Tags: art, maximalism, networked, global, music, artificial creativity
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