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Wikipedia holds an article about Swarm Robotics, that simply needs some polishing. The latest versions online evidentially were written by scientists. With all that mad sentence structures, ill anatomy of paragraphs and most prominently the subjectification of verbs, where they just don't support the readers imagination. Sentences with goals at start, going over wished things and ending up-where it all started, is such an evidence for it.

I decided to do some editorial work for this site. It should just be a great article to get quality information on this relative new chapter of robotics.

Some of our re-written text:

Relative simple individual rules can produce a large set of complex swarm behavior. A key-component is the communication between the members of the group that build a system of constant feedback. The swarm behavior involves constant change of individuals in cooperation with others, as well as the behavior of the whole group.

Potential applications for swarm robotics include tasks that demand for miniaturization (nanorobotics, microbotics), like distributed sensing tasks in micromachinery or the human body. On the other hand swarm robotics can be suited to tasks that demand cheap designs, for instance mining-tasks or agricultural foraging tasks. Also some artists use swarm robotic techniques to realize new forms of interactive art. Both miniaturization and cost are key-factors in swarm robotics. This are the constraints to build large groups of robotics, therefore the simplicity of the individual team member should be emphasized. This should motivate a swarm-intelligent approach to achieve meaningful behavior on swarm-level, instead of the individual level.

Much smoother now.

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