Music Videoclip with Keepon passing Scientific Tests

Everyones darling "Keepon" plays the main role in this video. It is the first videoclip I know that is build entirely on real, physical dancing robots. There are other clips as well, but they consist more of film-tricks than real robots... It doesn't seem to be the case in that clip.

The video is hosted on Wired's YouTube account and they disabled embedding of the video by default. I don't know why, because at the same time they release the video under a creative commons licence. To be honest, this video is also a promotion for the band Spoon, but if the promotion is so lovely and jeweled with a star like Keepon, than we will love it, too. Full Rating. Caution, there are also little humanoids in this video.

Tags: music, play, outdoor, video, humanoid, keepon
Mar_05:2008 .020200 Comments(0)

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