Nice Robotic-Blog with Texts and Tutorials

I found a nice little Robotic Blog, filed under It features nice text on robotics background, just like this compact overview on swarm intelligence algorithms and use cases. There are also some very nice tutorials on how to to build your own little robotic experiments or components, using beam-style. For example this one shows us how to build a photopopper, using a solar engine.

I especially like that picture of the roller-skating bot. Unfortunately there's no tutorial how to build that one.

Tags: do-it-yourself, lo-tech, homebrew, swarm, beam, tutorial
Mar_03:2008 .020200 Comments(2)

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Hey friend, im really happy that u liked my blog...i made this blog as my own interest and to share my knowledge with others who are new to it.I like the way you presented my blog to ur readers and was really delighted with ur message u left at my blog..

Eggshell Robotics

Hi Aurorian. I also added it to our blogroll, since I like to collect good resources on that topic. Just as I saw today, there is also another fine article you your blog again. You're welcome.

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