The ReadyBot keeps your Kitchen clean!

ReadyBot doing work

Don't we all have this silent wish? Coming home and someone did the cleanup and the laundry? Finally there is a homebrew-project, that take some steps to get closer to this vision. ReadyBot was established by senior AI-developers from the Silicon Valley and they are totally dedicated to building a kitchen robot. They see, that this project could bring a change into the field of robotics. In search of the kitchen robot, they do not use specialized parts, but only things that are mass produced and available in stores. The ReadyBot is really not at the high sophisticated level in terms of a pofessional level. Instead it can be rebuild in small labs or at home "quite easily" by anyone. At least that's the goal of the ReadyBot. Building homebrew is a fundamental part of their self-understanding.

The ReadyBot project also claims responsibility for a social change.

Many countries, especially Japan and parts of Europe, face a significant demographic challenge. Because of changes in birthrates, there are not enough new workers entering the market. Over the next few decades, tens of millions of robots, capable of performing menial and repetitive work, will be required to keep those economies afloat and competitive.

While governments and academics have poured effort into research and made great progress, to this day there is still no "general purpose" or mass-production

The robot comes out of its place, when no one is in the kitchen, so that he can do his work undisturbed. Isn't it a good feeling to have such a robot doing autonomous work if you're away?

If the future of home robotics will be so cute and clumsy... then everything will be okay. Cleaning take some time, but when you're not at home, well, than speed doesn't matter. Just linger a little at the ReadyBot webpage webpage. The FAQ is great.

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