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Benoit Espinola wrote an answer to our Hypercube posting. He analyzes, whether the Hypercube would be possible. A real hypercube would not be possible, because of te 4th dimension. The results of his analysis:

What we see (in the hypercube animation) is a hypercube that remains still in our three dimensions and that is manipulated in the 4th dimension. To have that resultant movement, we have to be able to manipulate the 4th dimension of the hypercube, if we suppose that we reach to build a hypercube, we would be able to manipulate the 4th dimension... To do so, we need hyper dimensional engines. Really complicated in my eyes...

Far more essential is the closing statement of his article.

But what forbids us to inspire ourselves with the hypercube transformations to find new ways to move? Nearly nothing, except the physical constraints and costs.

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This colored, rotatation Tesseract makes the confusion maybe more clear.

Benoit Espinola

I just remembered the reference where I found the 2d creature story : Flatland written by Edwin Abbott Abbott (strange name, we repeat it twice :s)

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