Blubber Bots - Intelligent Creatures in the Landscape

The Blubber Bots are semi-autonomous creatures, that float through the air in search of light and cellphone signals. They are do-it-yourself robotic inflatables, balloons filled helium that graze the landscape and are an evolution of the "ALAV", the Autonomous Light Air Vessels.

Concept Sketch of the Blubber Bot

Together with the Hoggets Roam, they form the beginning of the series of Transitional Species.

Transitional Species is a group of networked objects that interact with their environment, people and each other. Being semi-domesticated in nature they curiously become your companions.

Keep on following there. That special touch of species in-between landscape and technology, inhabitant and ecology, and autonomous robots and roaming wanderers is highly adorable.

Check out that according flickr-groups for the Blubber and the Hoggets.

Tags: outside, play, floating, species, architecture, do-it-yourself, homebrew, indie-labs
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