Tesseract / Hypercube - Mechanical Possible?

The hypercube or tesseract is a mathematical structure, that maps a 4-dimensional cube into our third dimension. Hard to explain this in few words, but you can read the book about the flatlands, view the film or listen to Carl Sagans explanation the 4th dimension.

Here we have a video. I'm not sure if this structure could be accordingly used in the physical world, i.e. to build new ways of mobility devices, to transport or just to have cool visual effects.

Hypercube / Tesseract structure

Remarkable is also, that this Hypercube most often also appears in selfmade-religious context or the so called "Church of the SubGenius", a subcultural religion based in the USA. The SubGenious somehow found acceptance in American pop-culture and has some very self-ironic elements and a pop-post-apocalyptic aesthetic. It looks to me like a techno-hippie movement. I am sure, that you already know things, that are somehow like that. Just think of Robert Anton Wilson or other appearances of the SubGenius iconography.

SubGenius commercial from 1991

Day of the SubGenius

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Whow, this videos are really, really cool. Somehow I have to think of the KLF with that ice-cream van...

Benoit Espinola

Hy, I loved the idea of using a hypercube as locomotion method... I've written a post based on yours at my blog, a kind of empirical reflexion... I hope you like it...

Eggshell Robotics

This is great. Why not link the article: http://beart.wordpress.com/2008/02/27/hypercube-construction/

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