Fiction Robots in Space: Captain Future's Grag

Today we will take a look at the robot Grag, part of the Space Opera Captain Future. Space Opera - what a lovely term. On Wikipedia it reads:

Perhaps the most significant trait of space opera is that settings, characters, battles, powers, and themes tend to be very large-scale.

Captain Future is the brainchild of the science fiction writer Edward Hamilton. They were first published as stories and after Hamilton's death were filmed as a Manga TV series, translated and broadcasted in many countries and languages and gained overall success - maybe because of this stunning outer-space atmosphere and great soundtrack (at least in Germany).

Inside the series Curtis Newton, orphaned while their parents died, fights named as Captain Future the evil with his own intelligent robot called Greg and a shape-shifting android Otho. His father build those two robots with the scientists professor Simon Wright, who survived his body as brain in a tub. The brain had to be carried around in its glass-container and later got autonomous control mechanisms. What a cool background story! For more details look at

The robot Grag was built from pure metal parts, that gave him incredible strength compared to human. It was the first successful experiment in building an artificial intelligence robot by Captain Futures father. Greg's modular body design allows various enhancements like drills and lasers, which he hides in his steely chest. At least this clearly can be identified on all tin-robots I've seen so far!

Grag is grey, tall, dark, friendly and supportive. He is not such a talker like Otho is, he is more like someone who does. A totally reliable partner in the team. At least very clever, but not that smart like the professors brain Simon is.

Greg, Simon, Captain Future

I also found five maps form the early Caption Future books and if you search on YouTube for Capitan Future Grag, you likely will find some video footage.

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