Artificial Symbiont - Organic Concept in-between Nanorobotics and Architecture

Zbynek Krulich explored a concept that he calls Artificial Symbiont. The term symbiont is derived from biology and defines the smaller part of two, that form a symbiosis. The artful concept of is more a thinking-concept, than a robotic-project, involving multiple scales and free morphing of structures.

Similarly to natural living systems, Artificial Symbiont interacts with its surroundings. It alters and changes its form according to its own needs and the needs of the living systems in its presence. With some of them (human beings in particular), it has developed symbiotic relationship.

The described behaviour seems to me like a form of Stigmergy, a principle used by ants where they transform the environment to exchange information and to communicate. Related to architecture I would put this project into the line of "Plug-In City" from around the group Archigram and the flexible, dynamic and also computer-based architectonic visions that followed up on this.

Archigram - Plug-In City

Tags: architecture, nanobots, swarm, emergence, art
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I really like that decent white and light style of this Symbiont.

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