Swarm Bots Work Together and Lift A Heavy Thing

From the awesome swarm-bots project I found this video, where the swarm-bots must cooperate and work together, to lift and a heavy object. The bots work together somehow state-based, or other told: it seems more like having a cooperate behavior, than classical emergent behavior from swarms following simple rules, like you have in an ant-village or a swarm of birds. The bots are programmed to start the so-called "self-assembly" (to connect each other) by the red light. It is the indicator to go there, while avoiding the blue light. Once a connection is established the color ring of the own bot turns into red, indication its own state and giving signals to the other bots.

Cooperative Swarm-Bots

What is swarm about this swarm is, that you have many equal robots, that run the same program with the same set of rules and properties and how they relate to each other. I wonder how the programming of the goal state is done and if they got a central unit, that monitors if all bot are red to start action and get into the groove of moving action. See explanation and code examples at the swarm-bots website.

Tags: swarm, control, cooperate
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