Sleep Waking - Let the Robot Replay Your Dreams

Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns made a robot, that records brainwave activity of your sleep at night makes its own interpretation on it on the next morning, by replaying the data. They want it to be like making the old dream of 'taking pictures' of dreams get a little closer.

The robot Sleep Waking records eye movement during the REM-phase of sleep. The other set of data that the robot receives are EEG-Data (as you can see, this is still an lab-setting, otherwise I wonder how the robot will look like, recording EEG at sleep or wandering around in the dark room, just to get a good position to have a tracking on you). After awakening the robot 'plays' the data. The head represent the eye-tracking, while the body movements are preset patterns, derived from EEG-patterns.

Robots observing our sleep? Will the robots at this point know more about us, than we do? At least at this point I figured out, that I find pet-size humanoid robots so cute and would definitely get them a go. Go and read an interview with Fernando Orellana at we-make-money-not-art.


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