Mawya Denki - Original Groove from Japan

Yes I know, you all will now come with your comparison to Kraftwerk, but why not? This Japanese people are really creative with their stuff and at least, most of the things they build are analogue and/or work with high voltage.

I didn't know that in Japan they only have 100 volt in their homes. Most I like the complete analogue Koi-Beat sequencer.

Found at Suicide Bots, the coolest robotblog of the moment.


Tags: music, homebrew, sound, celebrity, indie-labs
Feb_09:2008 .020200 Comments(1)

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Benoit Espinola

I would make a comparison with Stomp and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten... But, yes, Kraftwerk works too... By the way, I loved Mawya Denki stuff... :)

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