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3cm cube

On the website swarmrobot.org you will find an open-source project, that deals with small sized robots, suitable for homebrew and meant to swarm intelligence robotics.

This site is devoted to development of the open-source hardware and software micro-robotic platform in the size of less-then-3cm-cube. The main goal of this project is to develop a cheap, reliable and swarm-capable micro-robot, that can be easily reproduced even at home.

As you can see, they stress the direction of their intended research:

This robot allows building a large-scale swarm system (100 and more robots) to investigate artificial self-organization, emergent phenomena, control in large robotic groups and so on.

Think of implementing simple rules, like Game of Life and watch the emergent behavior. Feel free to contact Eggshell Robotics if you made something interesting.

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