Bristlebots - First developments from the crowd

A Belgian interpretation of the Bristlebot

The Bristlebot, an invention of the Evil Mad Scientist, made its first steps on its own in the web. Not only we also made a somehow boosted Bristlebot, but there is also a scorpion version available made by someone in Mexico and also a colorful one from Belgium (see picture), that were also featured on the Evil Mad Scientist website.

Scorpion Bristlebot from Mexico

Our own experiment

Tags: bristlebot, homebrew, do-it-yourself, colors, indie-labs
Feb_01:2008 .020200 Comments(2)

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Those bristlebots are cool, but they lack somehow on control. They always just wander around...

Eggshell Robotics

That's right. Some research needs to be done on that.

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