Lego-Bot automatically stacks domino-blocks

Whopee. Useful use for a Lego-robot. It can stack wooden tiles to domino-rows. The design is simple and straightforward without any surprise. Get all details about this project at the website of this Lego-bot.

Tags: domino, lego, automation
Jan_06:2010 .020200 Comments(2)

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Is this really a robto? To me, this is more a stoopid machine. How do you define a robot? What is a robot?

Eggshell Robotics

Hm, hm. Is this a robot? Well, sure it is. What is a factory-belt robot? Is this a robot? Not sure at all? In fact, they are just machines, right? But... there is a significant pattern underneath, that you also mention indirectly: what defines a robot? Do they have rights (or wrongs)? Check "Roboethics" i.e on this blog, to dig deeper into that one.

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