Bitfilm Festival 2008: Call for Entries

The Bitfilm Festival focuses on digital film culture. That is, every form of digital movie from sophisticated 3D over Flash animations towards Machinima. They are calling for entries for the festival. The screenings will be in Stuttgart and Hamburg this year, while you also can watch all movies and vote on the internet between May and Juli.

One of the organizers Moritz Hirchenhain wrote me, that they are real robot-freaks, so any submission on this topic is highly recommendable. The trailer for 2008 is not ready yet, that's why I show you the 2007 trailer. As you can see, they also have robots all on their website and flyers. Meet this people!

Tags: festival, movie, animation, video, humanoid, music, germany, short-movie
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Interesting thing, though. If I can manage it I will go the the screenings. Otherwise I definitely will check the movies online.


fuckin, great clip. looks a little bit like the kid606 clip done by pleix (

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