Sum of the Thrills: Rollercoster Robot

A robot of an entertaining kind is placed at the "Sum of all Thrills" in the Epcot themepark in Walt Disney World Resort, asking questions of human-robot interaction and trust.

The robot is simulating a rollercoaster-ride. Before you enter, you use a virtual screen to plan your route, the speed, velocity and this sort of thrills. The ride than is simulated on the screen. If you like it, than you can approve it.

Next up you will enter the "robotic-arm". At the top there are seats and video-screens. The rollercoarster-ride will take you up. The screen is showing the ride, while the robot is shaking you, in order to simulate the physics on your human body.

This robot is clearly for fun. BUT... would YOU trust the debugger?


Tags: fun, rollercoaster, play, simulation, leisure
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