Mintpass: The remote wi-fi pet-care robot

Awesome design. Who else of you have to think of good old Commander Keen? The Mintpass Pet Robot has and can the following:

The Pet Care Robot is a Wi-Fi enabled robot with 2 large eyes (cameras), a speaker, microphone and a ball for your pet to play with.

This sounds pretty ordinary, doesn't it? But... it is nothing less than a RE-VO-LU-TION! Just imagine. Here we do not have a robot, that tries to imitate some pet in a clunky manner, but this is a robot, especially designed to play with your pet. See the difference? Not designed like, but designed for! Anyway. I think your pets will need some training as well, to be entertained by this strange looking robot.

How does it work? Well, the robot is designed for home-alone pets. It can play ball with the pet and got cameras to observe the scene. With a special remote-screen you can observe the scene, i.e. from your workplace, and play with your pet from remote - in form of the robot. Totally awesome! Please hand them out the robot-innovation award for lifetime!! Get the whole concept at the Mintpass-Website.


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