Vinspired Voicebot: Write a message to your MP

Robot art. I love it. This one is a new project, dealing with robots, democracy and participation. It is eventually also aimed at members of parliament (MP), who literally read the internet printed out on paper.

The project is made in the UK. You can send there a message to an MP, but the message arrives at this robot. He writes everything you wrote down on paper. Please notice the wonderful handwriting of the robot!

On a more sophisticated level, this art-project shows something very substantial about robots, society and democracy. The machine (aka robot) is part of the communication-process between citizen and member of parliament. Is this one step up the ladder in society for robots? Out of the endless stupid work on the factory-belt, towards being a writer for parliament?

The robot will writing messages until 16. October 2009. It's a special prepared Kuka-Robot. Look at the Vinspired Voicebox Website for every detail.

Lately there has been other art-experiments with human text and robots. The first ones were the Robovox, that were touring to Europe, speaking out loud text-messages from people. The second was the chalk Tour de France bot. He took chalk to write user-generated-messages on the streets, to cheer for the bicycle-guys at the Tour de France.


Tags: art, human, text, speech, democracy, roboethics
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