Industrial manufacturing at home: FANUC M-1iA Picker Robot

Small scale industrial manufacturing - this is a hot topic. The guys who are already doing fabbing (printing of objects) are into lots of good research, both at an "at home" level, as well as at academia, like the MIT researching this area. This are thoughts floating in my mind right at the moment.

And than THIS came up:

The M-1iA from FANUC robotics is a small-scale assembly robot, with a weight of only 17 kg. It is therefore perfect for doing automated assembly at home, or on mobile situations like exhibitions, travel or even more futuristic scenes.

Self-assembly of robots for example is just one interesting field to explore or robotic mobility concepts. Okay people - time to move on and explore new plateaus, instead of doing one robot after another that does anything.


Tags: fabbing, indoor, do-it-yourself, research
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