Gundam RX-78: Giant Robot in the City of Tokyo - Odaiba

Odaiba is some sort of shopping, tourist and leisure part of Tokyo and soon waiting with another attraction for the world-visitors. Right at the moment they build a 18 meter high "Gundam RX-78" robot, with a weight of 35 tons, in order to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the robot-anime TV-series.

Wikipedia hold some information about the series, and there is always a lot of things to learn. The Gundam for example are Real Robots, in opposition to Super Robots. This means, that they are close to reality, and for example need maintenance on a regular basis and do not have unrealistic super-weapons. Leaving us with this question behind: What will happen to the giant Gundam robot in Tokyo in the near future? Will it get really to life on some day?


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