Air-controlled robot-hand, called "RAPHaEL"

"RAPHaEL (Robotic Air-Powered Hand with Elastic Ligaments)" is a flexible controlled robot-hand, moved by air. It is connected to a tank filled with compressed air. The hand itself is made of transparent plastic, where the single fingers can move individually. But not only that.

A light-sensor is able to detect shadows of shapes. Therefore the hand can "take" objects and hold them. As you can see in the video, it can to be sensitive as well - the air pressure in general controls, how strong the grip will be. Another speciality is, that each finger is only moves by one single actuator. Nevertheless the motion and grip looks natural by shape and design of the finger. It will be also a cheap way of doing hands with low number of parts in total.


Tags: hand, body, research, pneumatic, air
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