Uncanney-Valley: Models wanted for 3d-Facescanner Artproject

If you live in Berlin, you definitally will want to visit the next Bausteln-event on the 4th May 2009, 19 Uhr at ORi. Guido Alfs will present a self-build 3D-face scanner system and is looking for models. Like he says on the project website:

You don't have to be beautiful.

The facescanner-project is embedded into a bigger kind of research and art project. Like the name suggests, it is about the so called "Uncanny Valley". What does it mean? It is a psychological effect, that tells us when artificial models seem scary to us humans and when not. Here is a diagram, explaining the effect:


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That diagram does not, as you put it, "explain the effect."

Eggshell Robotics

Well, okay then. It shows the phenomena of the effect. Thanks for pointing this out.

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