Festo Molecubes and Emotive Wall

Years and years of cutting edge robotic-design... That the showcase-section of Festo. This time... modular robots named Molecubes! The perfect combination of Lego and humanoids. Or much more: If you are bored of humanoids (and this can come faster, than you think), modular robots open up a new world for exploration, science fiction and even biological design. I also think about a good dose of artificial life, a playful approach and much room for imagination (I for example have Stanislav Lem in mind when watching this robot). Hell, modular robots are - let's name it - pretty much cool!

This is just another recent work / concept from Festo. The "interactive" or "emotive" wall.

The emotive FinRay wall is composed of seven separate wall pieces, which can swing their body back and forth. Embedded in the skin of the FinRay are arrays of LED luminaries, which can be programmed individually to give personalized information or just to create an ambient luminescent atmosphere.

Tags: festo, modular, research, giving-birth, art, re-assembling
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