Hyungkoo Lee: Korean artists with body-modifications

This is art. Human body, modifications - no metal parts. No robots. But, nevertheless really interesting works. This works are showing for me, that modification is a natural and integrated part of robots design - so natural, that we even do not think about it after all.

Objectuals is the name of this series from Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee. They are objects, that allow to modify the human body in an optical way. Although only "harmless" (in the real sense of the word-meaning) modifications were made, using optical effects, water and vacuum, the bodies look scary, alien and maybe disgusting. A mixture of nightmare, jewellery, mutation and disguise. If we would meet them and they would be robots, would we like them?

Artist self-portrait


Tags: art, inspiration, fiction
Mar_31:2009 .020200 Comments(0)

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