Kacey Wong: Homeless Urban Shelter Robot

Robots as urban artifacts - a topic, that was made popular in culture by Futurama-robot Bender. And it is an important topic in some practical manner and art as well. This artist Kacey Wong says, that he constantly got his inspiration from the mysterious and surrealistic city of Hong Kong, where he lives. Most of his works are in an architectonical or urban context and have "shelters" as topic. Once decided to build a robot-shelter.

It is a "classic tin-robot" made of wood, that you can unfold into an urban bed or small place, to make the inhabitation of the street a lot more convenient. On other words: a robot, that hides a small resting-place for humans inside. As I once said: tin-robots are incredibly good in storing things inside their bodies.


Tags: tin-robot, urban, art, hong kong, architechture, outdoor
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