NeXTSTORM Lego Robots

You must visit the site from NeXTSTORM. The Lego-creations shown there are absolutely unique. Some feature the NXT-bot, other are "just ordinary" lego-creations, like unveiling structures or rebuild motor-engine mechanics. Advanced stuff. Enought said. Watch the videos!


Tags: indoor, play, lego, structure, nxt
Mar_17:2009 .020200 Comments(2)

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totaly crazy stuff, there on this Lego-nightmare-site! (btw: i totally forgot the "coffee" we talked about; really busy at these days; i'll come back if i "can see land" ;))

Eggshell Robotics

Yes yes, coffee. Good idea. Let's do it. Unfortnatelly everyone is stuffing the second half of March full with events...

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