The Homebrew Robotics Club

The Homebrew Robotics Club is the successor of the famous Homebrew Computer Club. It is located in the Silicon Valley and the website did not give that much appealing information, apart from useful stuff when you live in California and can meet up with the guys. At least I found some footage on flickr that looks really neat.

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Jan_11:2008 .020200 Comments(3)

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Unfortunately the Silicon Valley isn't around the corner.

Super Smoker

Very cool! I'd have a hobby like that, if I were smart enough... :)


Hey! That pic is of our own darlin' "Little" Tony Pratkanis! He is the mega mind behind the firefighting competition at RoboGames, I don't think he has lost in three years! I am trying to get him to bring his blimps for RG in June this year in San Francisco, but I am having No lucks. . .

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