LEGO: New black NXT-Block

Lego-people, I really love you. This here is the new NXT Black Block. It clearly shows, into what direction Lego is wandering. It is not only about the sexy new black NXT Block, that popped up on my screen, but also the rumours about the fake-blog of the Lego-CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp making noise. The edition of the black will also be cheaper than the regular NXT and limited. Only 1998 pieces will be around.

And now, as you have seen this shiny and elegant brick, let's look, what you can to with it in action. Yes, it's multi-cannon (remote-controlled) robot! Aaah.... Better watch out.


Tags: lego, nxtbot, play, guns, indoor
Mar_05:2009 .020200 Comments(0)

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