Ohio University Ice-serving Kuka-robot

Well, what? An industrial robot serving ice-cream? Yes. Somehow. I bet the 26 students of the Ohio Northern University had lots of fun in contributing at this project. They build, or better say, programmed one of these Kuka-robots, in order to serve ice-cream with different toppings and a spoon. Fun project indeed, but the robot moves so academic.

Somehow this Kuka-robots mostly always send me a shiver down my spine. They move so slow - as would they always be in self-control in order to not rage over the production hall and take the command of it.

The ice-serving bot: Apart from the fact, that this project seemed to be outstanding fun for the students, why did they build a waiter-robot - and not a robot, that does the ice-cream himself? Give the robots more respect and production abilities, instead of just simulating human.


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