The Gakken Kagaku No Tamago UFO Robots

Japanese is not my first language, that's why am mot able to follow all things from japan correctly. But it seems, that Gakken is an "educational" toy-manufacturer, that does cool stuff with electronics. This sound-reactive toy-bot for example (or look at the Gakken SX-150 synth on Digital Tools).

This toy-bots, called the "Kagaku No Tamago UFO Robots", have a inhabitant inside, that comes creeping out its home and making a little fan-dance. The package of this bot is also a drum (!!), with that you can give commands to the robot. Sound-reactive. Versatile.

PS: I totally get freaked out on Gakken. Just found this wonderful jewel from the 1970 on Wikipedia!


Tags: indoor, play, sound, reactive, gakken, toy
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