UNITX: Urban robotic delivery system

Well, visions at hand. Vienna artist Michael Marcovici made an interesting design for an "urban delivery system", that is capable of driving in every of out four directions with the speed of 50 km/h (kilometer per hours), as well as delivery good at this speed. In the words of the artist, it will "change the way our economy works today". The so called logibots move in underground tunnels in larger urban areas. In these corridors the logibots are traveling and transporting goods from house to house. The can stack up to 4 boxes with dimensions of 60x60x45 cm. The best things are still to come in this whole concept:

Deliveries will only take 20 minutes on average, no packaging is required, special logibots could offer cooling or freezing services, X-Ray or bomb detection. The implementation of UNITX could change the economy dramatically, the repairing and borrowing of goods will be much easier, and logistics and warehousing would undergo fundamental changes as well; also, the relation between producer and customer could be enhanced radically, with UNITX holding potential for a completely new dimension of service on a much more personal and individual level.

UNITX means United networks international transport exchange and it looks extremely cool.

There are also many other interesting projects on the site from Michael, like giant "Free Tibet" neonlights, that are "Made in China".


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