Van Rijn: Drawing Etch-A-Sketch robot

A beautiful homebrew robot was made by Let's Make Robots user Ken “BaseOverApex” McMullan. It is reported that this bot is still inspired by the Let's make Robots writing challenge, where you had to build robots that are able to write. The design is very straightforward and utilizes a miniature etch-a-sketch and two motors. Like Ken wrote, the etch-a-sketch is somehow more a "analogue vector-based output device". Word up!

With a custom build software he can write and draw different things. Even portraits are possible - or blanking the whole screen. See all pictures at the robot site. The robot got a strange sounding name "van Rijn". I think this comes from the artist Rembrand van Rijn.

Tags: draw, writing, art, creative, etch-a-sketch, lmr
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