We experienced some troubles with our RSS-feed

Hi people, it somehow seems, that we experienced some problems with our RSS-feed within the last 10 days. For some and unknown reason, it suddenly stopped being well-formed. This caused big trouble on showing the right date and time on the single items on the feed. Eventually some of you had problems with the feed, especially on marking items as "read" on your RSS-reader.

We hopefully fixed all issues now. All our recent tests on the feed passed, but it could be possible, that the RSS-reader of your choice is still showing the cached version of the feed with the wrong dates (all postings have exactly the same date and time). I expect, that this problem will solve itself within the next days, when the cache of your reader-application will be overwritten or deleted.

If you still have problems on the feed after, let's say one week, don't hesitate to focus contact with us (mail us or comment on this post). We will do everything to give you the best service and experience. Thanks to Chris, who pointed us to this bug!

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...it looks like it is working now! thx for your quick support, guys! cheers, & have a nice weekend. Chris/Dok

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